A Little Bit of Spreading Firefox

I gave a “Persuasive” speech for Firefox recently in class. I just received the evaluation forms from my audience, and I thought the student responses were interesting. I apologize if this is a little of what you’d expect – the responses were sympathetic and short to say the least – but here they are unedited:
“I had no idea one had a choice other than microsoft. I will check it out.”
“I would really like the Freedom … will check it out tonight”
“I was considering a switch.”
“My son has firefox on his computer. I am now going to check his out.”
“… I’m kind of a nerd like you =). I already use firefox. Spread the word!”
“I already use mozilla b/c it is better than anything else”
“It’s a browser I’ve heard of, but never heard about the advantages of using. Now I’ll try it.”

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