Not Trying Hard Enough!

Haven’t posted in some days but I’m not trying hard enough! Makes me think of one expression I hate – “stepped up” – as in “he stepped up.” There’s a Wal-Mart commercial that shows us, when an employee rescues a car crash victim, the moral values that it teaches it’s employee followers. The crashed person’s son tells us: “That was a good thing he did. He stepped up.” Or something like that. Sports people like to say that.
This has nothing to do with that.
Richard Stallman, in a short and clear article on NewsForge, explains the dangers of software patents.

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  1. “Stepped up” reminds me of Michael Jordan’s favorite motavional phrase “Turn up the intensity level.” Both of those phrases bring me to tears and make me wanna try harder in everything I do. Especially at winning NBA championships.

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